Windshield Repair
Untold numbers of windshields are needlessly replaced every year. At least 80% of windshields that were
replaced could have been safely and affordably repaired.
The vast majority of these windshields end up in the
landfill! Save your windshield from the landfill and save some green for your pocket.
Repair it, don't replace it! Call
us today for more information on Windshield Repair! a GREEN alternative 912-508-3009

Any type of stone or rock damage that can be covered with a Half- Dollar including Star Breaks, Partial and full
Bullseyes, & Combination breaks.

The break can NOT be in the critical viewing area of the driver. In other words the break cannot be in your
direct line of vision while operating the vehicle.

Windshield repair is a safe and cost effective and takes as little as 30 minutes to complete. Our quality
windshield repairs will restore the structural integrity of your windshield and will prevent the damage
from spreading any further.

If you fall within the guidelines as set above, you may find Windshield Repair to be cost effective. In addition most
insurance companies will wave your comprehensive deductible if you have your windshield repaired rather than
replaced leaving no cost to you.

When it comes to windshield repairs, quality is the most important aspect. A break can only be repaired once, so you
will want to choose a trained glass technician with experience with different types of windshield breaks and someone
who will devote the time deserved to
completely working with the break to achieve the best results. If you have full coverage insurance your repair may be
free to you, if however you have pay for the repair yourself just remember cheaper is not always better.

Auto Glass Service will Guarantee every completed repair with a full warranty and Guarantee that all of our completed
repairs will pass state inspections and all Lease turn in.
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