Door Motor and Door Regulator Repair
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Next time you reach for the window switch and the window drags down slowly or worse doesn't move at all,
bring it in to Auto Glass Service We are not only specialist of windshield repair and Windshield Replacement,
we also specialize in Automotive door motor and door regulator repair and replacement.

Be confident that if you are having power window problems, Auto Glass Service can properly diagnose your
problems weather it be something as simple as a dirty switch contact that can be solved with something as
simple as cleaning the contacts to a regulator and motor replacement, Auto Glass Service can handle it!

Power door glass window motors will at some point fail. When it does you can rely on Auto Glass Service to
quickly repair the problem. We stock a large supply of door glass window lift motors and power regulators as
well as door switches. So we can offer quick service to your home or work for these types of repairs.
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