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It is very sensitive to rain thus, it automatically start working as soon as rain starts.

It is capable of adjusting the speed of the wiper depending on how heavy or light the rainfall is. Also the
sensitivity of the rain sensor can be adjusted to be working at the slightest drop of rain or regulated to start
working when the rain is slightly heavy.

The windshield rain sensor is an electronic device made up of infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) and
central photodiode. The emitted light reflects on the car windshield. This operation electronically controls the
unit of the rain sensor that in turn regulate interval wipe of the windshield by the car’s wipers. In other words
when the windshield is wet, less light reflect back to the rain sensor and this automatically triggers the car’s
wipers to start working.
Rain Sensors are typically located at
the top of the windshield just under
or to the side of the rear view mirror.
Normally covered and hard to view
from the inside, you can typically see
the rain sensor while viewing from
the outside of the car.
Thou sometimes not mandatory, Auto Glass Service
always recommends that a replacement windshield be
the original equipment equivalent to the windshield
you have now, meaning if you had a rain sensor
attached to the windshield, an replacement should be
the windshield that accepts the rain sensor
attachment. For further information please contact
auto Glass Service at 912-508-3009